Буст контроллер турбосмарт установка схема

буст контроллер турбосмарт установка схема
Every year we’re treated to new ideas and innovations that help make our hobby more fun. The Magnum XL with the pistol grip is the perfect combination in our minds. Tech Editor Jones gave it a 6 in Engineering, while Editor Turner also gave it a 6 in Fit & Finish.

Complete documentation is supplied, and the support pages, videos, application notes and tuner resources can also speed you on your way to effective tuning. Think of the wastegate as a door that opens up and lets exhaust flow around the turbo. Именно о них в этой статье и пойдет речь.

The car was pretty loud; it also had an annoying interior squeak with mysterious origins, a vibration at speed, ever-present wind and mechanical noise, and again, only two forward gears, neither of which can be classified as Overdrive. Скидка — 65% Цена со скидкой — 226 руб. The trunk features a custom lid fitted with multiple iPads that offer people the opportunity to learn about the car through a Motoroso app.

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